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Medical Knowledge And Privacy For Egg Donors

hile egg donors have the ability to help individuals and couples build their families all over the globe, they also have a special opportunity to learn about their own wellness. Young women who decide to help others create their families do so from a place of compassion. And each woman embarks on this journey for her own personal reasons.

So many women work hard to stay fit and healthy. However, many women may find it cost-prohibitive to have particular medical tests performed to learn more about their health. But by becoming an egg donor, a woman has the unique opportunity to have an array of tests done at no cost which can be a great benefit.

As the executive director of an international egg donor and surrogate agency, donor candidates appreciate the fact that they incur no costs for these sophisticated tests. Leading agencies generally follow the ASRM, also known as the American Society of Reproductive Medicine, as a medical sounding board for test protocol.

With that said, each clinic may vary in regards to their screening process.

While each intending parent may require a candidate to undergo a specific genetic test to offset being a carrier of a particular gene, for the most part, general screening includes the following:

• Blood work
• Cultures
• Hepatitis
• Rh incompatibility
• HTLV-1

And more…

Another part of the screening process for prospective candidates is an evaluation of their fertility. Women who want to have a family in the future find this medical assessment incredibly helpful by understanding her egg production.

While these tests are geared toward evaluating donor candidacy, at the end of the day these women are receiving valuable medical knowledge about their own bodies.

It’s incredibly important for women to find egg donor agencies in good standing that have been in the industry for a decade or more. A longstanding agency history also means they are more than likely to team up with the best fertility specialists and clinics around the nation.

Any medical information gathered during the screening process is held in the strictest confidence and remains private. Whether or not a candidate wants to share her medical information is strictly up to her. It’s up to her discretion.

Being an egg donor can be emotionally and financially fulfilling. Due to the one-child ban in China that has been waived, Asian egg donors are high in demand being compensated $12,000 or more. And in some instances, they can dictate their own fees.